Additional features added

I have added some missing features I was made aware of by some commenters. The added features are:

  • You will no longer click a bomb on your first turn.
  • The game timer has been corrected to mimic the original minesweeper games. (start on 1 instead of 0)
  • Question marks have been added. They are off by default and can be toggled on in the game menu.
  • The custom theme template has been updated to include the two new sprites needed for the question marks.
  • When you have placed the correct amount of flags around a numbered tile you can click with both mouse buttons to reveal all of the tile's non flagged neighbours. This currently only works with the downloadable version as a bug in GameMaker stops this feature from working in the HTML5 version. A bug report has been submitted to YoYo Games.

If you encounter any bugs or have any feature requests let me know in the comments. Thanks for playing!


Custom Theme Template 2 kB
Jul 07, 2021

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